By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Are you up for a little bit of good news to end the week?

I thought you might be and if this story doesn’t restore at least some of your faith in humanity, nothing will.

Alonzo Johnson, a 23-year-old Springfield resident, told the Boston Globe he was shopping at a Holyoke mall with his cousin when he saw two women talking with an elderly man who was hesitating at the top of an escalator.

Johnson learned that the man was fearful after an unpleasant encounter with another escalator, and he said: “Sir, do you want me to help you down the escalator? I can take your arm and we can go down together.”

And that’s what happened.

One of the women took this picture, and posted it on her Facebook page, writing that is was “a little redemption for the suffering human soul…today, violence, race, age, politics and other social lines were blurred and one person simply helped another. Whoever this young man is, your family raised you right!”

The photo and her post were shared and went viral. And it turns out that woman was right on target.

“My mom always told me and my little brothers that if you see someone who needs help, you should assist them and just go for it,” Johnson told the Globe. “You’ve just got to keep doing the right thing and staying positive.”

Mission accomplished.

Alonzo Johnson, with his superb upbringing and big heart, gives us all something to think about this weekend.

It’s easy to be a good person, no matter how much is going bad in the world.

All you have to do is care.

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  1. A photo, Jon, can restore one’s faith in humanity.

    And then there is the video that wipes much of it away:

    Care to comment, sir?

    One does have to notice the individual’s party affiliation and employer….

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