LEXINGTON (CBS) — A brief line of severe storms passing through the area Friday left severe damage to the home of one Lexington family. Overall, they are not angry, though.

“There are so many bad things that happen in the world that put things in perspective. It’s a front porch, it’s a hole in my house, no body was home, everybody was safe,” explained homeowner Linda Oshman.

An oak tree crashed into her front porch, demolishing it, and damaging the roof of the house.

treedamage Storm Damage: Downed Trees Hit Local House, Car

Broken tree branches fill the yard of a home in Lexington (WBZ-TV)

Work crews were busy removing tree limbs and branches from the house for hours.

“It’s always surreal to look over at where your house used to be and see it half gone,” said Ken Laxague.

“I’m just thinking how lucky we are that it fell on the front of the house, and not right in the middle, and not on a car, and not on a person, or our neighbor, or something.”

treedamage21 Storm Damage: Downed Trees Hit Local House, Car

Tree slowly being removed from the yard of a Lexington home (WBZ-TV)

Other towns saw damage as well.

Winds in Woburn brought down a large limb on top of a car. A few power lines went down with it.


treeoncar1 Storm Damage: Downed Trees Hit Local House, Car

A tree fell on a car Friday afternoon in Woburn (WBZ-TV)

John McGrath was the damage firsthand.

“I heard a snap, crackle, pop. I looked out the window and was like that doesn’t look great,” he said.

“Something blew through here and just took [the limb] right out. Mother nature took it’s toll.”


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