BOSTON (CBS) — Just hours removed from the NBA Draft, there’s no way of really knowing how these picks will turn out for every NBA franchise.

But that’s not going to stop people from pretending.

A regular occurrence for any sport’s drat, NBA writers around the country are assigning grades to each team. While they obviously can’t mean too much in the grand scheme of things (if someone could really see the future, he wouldn’t get into the profession of sportswriting), it is nevertheless interesting to see how certain analysts look at the picks.

With that said, here’s a roundup of some of the grades assigned to Danny Ainge and the Celtics.

ESPN’s Chad Ford
Grade: B

Explanation:  “Tatum was the best pure scorer in the draft but is just a so-so athlete and defender. The Celtics need offensive players beyond Isaiah Thomas who can get their own shot. If Tatum learns how to defend and get others involved, he’ll be a great NBA player. But he’s a bit one-dimensional right now. … Ojeleye is a more typical Celtics pick. He’s huge, he’s physical and he plays with a high basketball IQ. … Allen fits another Celtics type as a super-strong, physical guard who excels on the defensive end. Bird is a solid athlete and good shooter who, as a freshman and sophomore, was regarded as a potential first-rounder.”

CBSSports’ Reid Forgrave  and Jack Maloney
Jayson Tatum Grade: A
Semi Ojeleye Grade: A-
Kadeem Allen Grade: B+
Jabari Bird Grade: B

Explanation: “[Tatum is a] perfect fit. Celtics need a scorer to take pressure off IT4 and Tatum is the most advanced scorer in draft. … Surprised [Ojeleye] dropped this far. Versatile offensive player. Could be a steal for Boston.”

Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Sharp
Grade: C+

Explanation: “Maybe they just really like Tatum? I’m not a huge fan of his game, but others are. … Semi Ojeleye is a prospect I really liked, but with Ante Zizic and Guerschon “Dancing Bear” Yabusele coming over, I wonder whether they even have minutes for him.  … The Celtics are probably not as brilliant as the true Ainge believers think, and they’re probably not as dumb and gun shy as some critics make them sound.”

Bleacher Report’s Adam Fromal
Jayson Tatum Grade: B
Semi Ojeleye Grade: B-
Kadeem Allen Grade: C-
Jabari Bird Grade: C-

Explanation: “[The Tatum pick is] an aggressive evaluation of a player who often displayed lackluster effort during his brief time at Duke and doesn’t quite possess the prototypical explosiveness we’ve come to expect from superstar wings. … Semi Ojeleye will likely never develop into a strong defender for the Boston Celtics … But he’s an incredible athlete who knows how to parlay his strength into production on the offensive end, where he constantly creates second-chance opportunities. … It would be downright shocking if Kadeem Allen logged a single minute for the Boston Celtics in 2017-18. … The Boston Celtics simply don’t have space for another guard—particularly one, like Jabari Bird, who isn’t ready to hold his own defensively.”

The Ringer’s Jonathan Tjarks
Jayson Tatum Grade: B value, B fit

Explanation: “Tatum is one of the best scorers in this draft, and he could become the no. 2 option the Celtics have needed to take pressure off Isaiah Thomas. … The key is developing the rest of his game so he can help his team if he’s not a primary option.”

Fox Sports’ Andrew Lynch
Grade: C+

Explanation: “We expect Tatum to develop into a solid offensive player in Boston. However, we’re docking Danny Ainge a letter grade or two here for the Wolves’ acquisition of Jimmy Butler. According to reports, the Celtics were unwilling to include the No. 3 pick in a trade for Butler.”

Sporting News’ Jordan Greer
Grade: B

Explanation: “Tatum will walk into the league with a polished offensive game, and Brad Stevens will only help him improve. Ojeleye was a top-20 player on our Big Board, so he’s a good steal at 37. Allen and Bird will have to wait in the back of the line of guards. The chase for Gordon Hayward now truly begins.”

USA Today’s Adi Joseph
Jayson Tatum Grade: B+
Semi Ojeleye Grade: A
Kadeem Allen Grade: B-
Jabari Bird Grade: C+

Explanation: “[Tatum] gives the Celtics some of the scoring ability they lacked when Isaiah Thomas was off the court. He’s also incredibly polished, though that could be interpreted as a lack of upside. … The top-ranked player remaining on many boards, Ojeleye is ridiculously strong and can play either forward spot. He might be another Jae Crowder for the Celtics. … Allen is the perfect Celtics pick, a scrappy defender whose offensive game is better than advertised. … Bird can rain 3s but lacks the physical frame and athletic ability for the NBA.”

Yahoo’s Jordan Schultz
Grade: A+

Explanation: “Jayson Tatum is the most polished offensive player in the draft. … Tatum is significantly better than last year’s No. 3 pick – Jaylen Brown – though his defense remains a slight concern. … Semi Ojeleye [is] a powerfully built, highly athletic pick-up truck. … The Celtics also got a lot better.”

  1. it’s good to see Larry Bird’s son, Jabari, get drafted by the Celtics.

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