DORCHESTER (CBS) — It is a tough scene to watch: a woman realizing her friend has overdosed and using narcan to revive him.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked car the woman comes to, sees him, and says, “I have narcan in the trunk.”

She is forced to try twice before he begins breathing again.

That is what this video from Withington Street and Euclid Street on Wednesday shows.

“What a tough disease this addiction is to kick, to get over,” said Boston EMS Chief Jim Hooley.

“We will encounter people, get them to the hospital, hook them up with services, try and hook them up with follow up services and they go back because they physically need to.”

According to Hooley, the city is up about 40 overdoses from last year, where there were nearly 3000. Overdoses have been increasing since 2010.

Both people in the video survived.


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