BOSTON (CBS) — What do Donald Trump, Queen Elizabeth, and Elvis Presley have in common? You can even ask how you can get Katy Perry, Ray Bourque, and George Washington in the same room.

elvis Elvis, Donald Trump, Queen Elizabeth Together In Boston Wax Museum

Wax figure of Elvis Presley at Boston’s new Dreamland Wax Museum. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

The answer is to build a wax museum. The Dreamland Wax Museum is scheduled to open in July.

Museum Vice President of Sales, Michael Pelletz says the museum’s purpose is more than entertainment.

“The one thing we really focusing on is the history and the education. The museum is located at City Hall Plaza. The hub birth of the nation is right here,” Pelletz says. “Our building is right where Paul Revere and his father had their goldsmith shop.”

Pelletz says that four to six months were spent on each of the figures.

While he won’t say exactly who is featured, he says that presidents and world leaders are a major feature.

“Every single president from George Washington to Donald Trump, and we have the Oval Office. Then you go through the Royal Family and leaders of the world,” Pelletz said. “There’s Nelson Mandela, a couple of Popes, and Mother Theresa.”

He does say that some of the early visitors have had very strong reactions.

“Their minds are getting boggled,” he said.

Pelletz is encouraging Boston residents to take a look at the exhibits.

For more information you can visit the wax museum’s web site.


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