By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — We’re less than a week away from the NBA Draft, so everyone’s sanity is entering the danger zone.

It’s the absurd time of the year when a rumor from an unnamed source can ruin a weekend, or a life-long friendships can come to an end over a discussion about a teenager’s perceived upside. It’s a time when a simple picture on social media can make everyone go a tad bit crazy with speculation, not that that is really anything new.

But here we are, sifting through the madness after a picture of Markelle Fultz next to a car with the license plate “BCeltic” hit Twitter on Friday.

Just about every mock draft has Fultz being taken by the Celtics with the No. 1 pick at next week’s NBA Draft (minus one anonymous rival GM), and that photo seemed to seal the 19-year-old’s draft destiny.

But as is usually the case with the internet, the story goes a little bit deeper. Fultz’ high school, DeMatha Catholic in Maryland, explained the picture on Istagram:

The likely No. 1 pick sitting on a car previously owned by Celtics patriarch Red Auerbach certainly seems a little too convenient with the draft just around the corner. But Red called the Washington D.C. area his home in the later years of his life and still has family there. And they just so happen to still own his car, because really, why would you ever get rid of something passed down to you by Red Auberbach?

So while it may be fun to add a little more fuel to the pre-draft speculation, this is just a picture of the top prospect sitting next to a car previously owned by Red Auerbach. Maybe it’s Red’s way of sending a little message from above, but if that were the case, there would have been a victory cigar waiting for Fultz in the glove compartment.

But really, it solidifies nothing surrounding the June 22 NBA Draft, other than people will go crazy over just about anything on social media, which we already knew.

Either way, the next six days should be a blast.


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