QUINCY (CBS) – Some Quincy residents have had Fed-Ex deliver a package to their house, but the package is addressed to someone the homeowner doesn’t know.

Quincy Police Sergeant Karyn Barkas says that on three occasions that have been reported, on June 2, June 8, and June 13, Fed-Ex has delivered a package to a Quincy residence.

That happens all the time. What’s different is that the address on the package is correct, but the name on the package is someone who doesn’t live at the address. Barkas says that a short time after the homeowner has taken the package inside, an unknown person shows up at the house and asks for the package.

She says that the mystery packages have had cell phones in them.

“A long time ago, it was known that people would do this with drugs, but these packages have all contained cell phones,” Barkas said. “We believe it’s a criminal enterprise that is trying to have cell phones that are untraceable.”

She says her department is investigating, “Who is ordering them, where they’re coming from, and whether the identities on the packages are coming from an identity fraud or just a made-up name.”

She says this has probably happened more than the three reported times.

“We’ve had some residents say, ‘somebody did show up at may door and I didn’t notify police.’ They’ve probably picked up these packages that residents aren’t even aware of,” Barkas said.

Barkas is advising everyone that if they receive a package, and don’t recognize the name on it, to call the police. They also want residents to call police if anyone notices a strange vehicle in the neighborhood when the packages arrive.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kendall Buhl reports


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