BOSTON (CBS) – Sheriff Wayne Ivey, of Brevard County, Florida, has gotten a wide range of reactions to his recent comments that in order to protect themselves from possible terrorist attacks, more people should own and carry guns. The debate over whether “a good guy with a gun” is the best way to stop “a bad guy with a gun” has been a hot issue for years in this country. Sheriff Ivey says that while waiting for emergency responders to arrive during an attack, it is up to individual citizens to neutralize or eliminate the threat. Sheriff Ivey checks in with Dan and the rest of NightSide Nation to explain why he believes an armed and well-prepared citizenry is an important first line of defense in these tumultuous times. Do you agree with Sheriff Ivey? Or do you think this is fear-mongering that encourages vigilante justice?

Originally broadcast June 13th, 2017.


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