WASHINGTON (CBS) – A recall involving millions of units of packaged foods, including many Chef Boyardee products, is being blamed on mislabeled breadcrumbs.

The breadcrumbs don’t list milk as an ingredient, and hundreds of thousands of Americans are allergic to milk.

boyardee recall Mislabeled Breadcrumbs Lead To Massive Recall

The recalled Chef Boyardee product (Image credit: USDA)

Chef Boyardee maker Conagra, which recalled spaghetti and meatball products, says it discovered the problem on June 6 when an ingredient supplier reported that the breadcrumbs contained undeclared milk.

Click here for more recall info 

Also recalled are some Stop & Shop brand chicken and fish, and other brands of canned pasta.

There have not yet been any reports of illness associated with the recall.


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