BOSTON (CBS) — Gordon Hayward has long been expected to be a big offseason target for the Celtics, but nothing had come from Hayward himself. His wife Robyn, however, appeared to drop a major hint over the weekend.

Robyn posted a photo to her Instagram page of herself holding her two-year-old daughter, who just so happens to be wearing a shirt that says “Go Green” on the back with a four-leaf clover.

You already know where this is going.

Naturally, many Celtics fans took the photo as a “confirmation” that the C’s were landing Hayward, who will hit free agency on July 1st.

However, Robyn soon deleted the photo and posted an Instagram story that explained the shirt. It turns out that it was just a big coincidence and their daughter simply has a St. Patrick’s Day shirt that she happened to be wearing in the photo (h/t MassLive). Salt Lake City-area reporter Brittany Copeland captured a screenshot of Robyn’s explanation:

Even if the photo was merely a coincidence, that doesn’t mean that Hayward isn’t going to sign with the Celtics and his former college coach in Brad Stevens. It’s already been reported that the Celtics’ long-believed interest in Hayward is legitimate and the C’s will make a run at signing the Jazz forward this summer.

The Celtics won’t be alone in their pursuit of Hayward. The Miami Heat have emerged in recent weeks as a possible destination for Hayward when free agency kicks off in July.

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