CHELSEA (CBS) – Two Market Basket employees are the subject of an internal investigation after a fight happened Friday afternoon between the two of them near the check out line, according to Chelsea police.

A customer who told WBZ that she was shopping with her mother, captured the video and posted it to Facebook.

According to the customer, Patrycya Zukowska, the man seen in the red jacket allegedly stomping on his coworker is a manager at that store. Other coworkers had to intervene.

Zukowska said the younger employee attempted to quit and leave the store. She said that’s when the manager yelled “Where are you going?” before grabbing his employee.

She also says she’s surprised by the matter.

“How sad that a manager from Market Basket in Chelsea would fight with his employee. While speaking to one of the cashiers, she said that the manager…would treat his employees and customers badly. This kid received the worst of it,” Zukowska said.

Customers shopping at the store on Saturday were surprised, but said they would have tried to intervene.

“I’d probably try to break it up, try to get in between them or I would try to acted out or try to help the kid or something, I mean just a chain reaction type of thing,” said Saturday shopper Tom Zion who watched the viral video online.

“If you had kids there, then kids will have to see it, two adults fighting, you know?” expressed shopper Christine McGee-Zion.  She and her husband watched the video on Facebook.

“That’s terrible, he should be fired immediately,” said Tom Zion.

Chelsea police said neither employee wanted to press charges. An employee told WBZ that the same manager was working again Saturday morning.

Police said neither employee was terminated and also say Market Basket is conducting its own internal investigation.

WBZ News has reached out to Market Basket for a statement but the company has not responded to the request.




Comments (7)
  1. Terry Norman says:

    sounds like this store should be investigated by the labor department.

  2. I’ve watched the video from two angles, each a few different times, and I only see the other workers trying to restrain the manager. I do not see anyone holding someone down in any other way than anyone would to separate two people in a fight.

  3. Paul Byron says:

    I am sure this Manager is related to someone some where in the chain. Sadly, that’s how it works. The verbal abuse can be overwhelming.

  4. So, if this Rene isn’t disciplined, or fired, it will just give him more power over other employees who work there. It makes the other employees scared to speak up about things or they will be kicked, beaten and have their clothes torn off in front of the whole store. How much do you want to bet Rene is a BULLY and is related to the top store manager. Seems like Rene has the employees petrified of him. Nice going Market Basket.

  5. David Keith says:

    This sounds like a job for Super CEO Arthur T.!

  6. Deb Falzoi says:

    If events leading up to this were illegal, this attack may not have happened. Help make workplace bullying illegal:

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