NORTON (CBS) – Police are cracking down on concert-goers who were causing chaos along back roads in Norton and Mansfield when they followed shortcuts provided by popular traffic apps.

Jack Johnson will perform Friday night at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield.

Norton police said there is “No WAZE” they will have a gridlock on Reservoir Street for the show.

nortonpolice No Waze: Police Cracking Down On Xfinity Center Concert Traffic Shortcuts

Police block traffic on back roads near the Xfinity Center. (Image Credit: Norton Police)

Residents in the towns complained following the first concert of the season that Waze and other apps were sending drivers down the residential roads.

One resident said the back roads backup caused “mayhem,” with people drinking and one person urinating on a lawn in the neighborhood.

“If you have friends going from out of town please tell them WAZE or Google Maps won’t get them around any traffic,” Norton Police posted on Friday.

Signs will be put in place to stop concert-goers from trying to avoid traffic using the residential neighborhoods.


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