SHREWSBURY (CBS) – Zachary Baldino of Shrewsbury is enjoying some well-earned rest and relaxation. He just graduated from Assabet Valley Regional Tech over the weekend – an achievement he’s literally been working for non-stop.

“I haven’t missed a day of school since kindergarten,” Zachary said.

No sick days; Not even a mental health day, in more than twelve years.

“Luckily enough when I got sick I got sick on either the weekend or on the school vacation,” Zachary said.

Zach’s proud parents knew their kindergartner loved learning when he’d stare out the window on snow days.

“He would see the buses going by and he’d be like ‘there’s school today, I know there’s school today. I see buses out. I have go to school,’” Zach’s mom Kristi Baldino said.

grad Shrewsbury Teen Never Missed A Day Of School In 12 Years

Zachary Baldino (Image from Cindy Zomar)

Even as a sleepy teenager, not a single ‘tardy’ could tarnish his perfect record.

“Take this long in the shower, I still have this much time to eat,” he said. “Halfway through senior year I knew every back road to the school. I knew if something happened on one street I could get to the school on time.”

He says the commitment was simple, when he looked at each and every lesson as an investment in his future.

“I didn’t even think about perfect attendance. I was just thinking school, school, school because education is the most important thing,” Zach said.

Zach isn’t kicking back for too long, he plans to enter the workforce this summer and wants to save up to go back to school for video production or even journalism. Whether working or studying he of course intends to keep up his perfect streak.


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