By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – There’s a special place down below waiting for vandals, especially the punks who thought it was a good idea to deface a beloved New England landmark over the weekend.

If you’ve ever driven through Providence on I-95, you have surely admired the 58-foot blue termite overlooking the highway from the roof of a local extermination company. The replica has a nickname – Nibbles Woodaway, get it? – and has never been vandalized over its four-decades keeping an eye on the traffic.

bug11 Keller @ Large: Dont Mess With The Big Blue Bug

The Big Blue Bug, Nibbles Woodaway. (WBZ-TV)

For those lucky enough to live in Providence, one of my favorite cities, Nibbles has long been a sign of home, a uniquely Rhode Island icon in his own way. If you have to ask why, you don’t know Rhode Island, and it would take more space than I have here to explain it to you.

But sometime over the weekend, someone decided to smear their graffiti all over Nibbles. There has been a huge outcry, and based on what I know about Providencians, these clowns better hope the cops catch them first.

Surely they didn’t understand that there are some things you just don’t vandalize: iconic commercial landmarks like Nibbles, or the wall at Fenway Park; has anyone ever tried to tag the Green Monster?…sacred sites, like churches, cemeteries, or memorial statues…all public and private property.

I guess that covers everything, doesn’t it?

And I know you’re wondering – Jon, where will these poor, misunderstood little darlings go to express themselves artistically?

I’m sure there are plenty of places where their talents would be welcome – New York City maybe?

But my fatherly advice is, stay away from Nibbles the giant termite.

For this kind of thing, Providence is a two-strikes-and-you’re-out kind of town.

  1. “And I know you’re wondering – Jon, where will these poor, misunderstood little darlings go to express themselves artistically?”

    After years of allowing the sort of nonsense that is epitomized by the above statement, why are you only now rising to give it a the degree of ridicule that it deserves?

    After all, you in the media have been supporting the ideology that promotes this type of expression for quite some time now.

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