BOSTON (CBS) — It’s among the oldest tricks in the contemporary political playbook.

When you’re doing things that are drawing negative news media coverage, don’t stop to reconsider what you’re doing–just demonize the messenger.

Just the other day, President Trump renewed his proven-false claim that the media underreports incidents of Islamic terrorism in the service of a pro-Muslim political agenda.

Hillary Clinton and some of her fans continue to perpetuate their bogus complaint that unfair reporting on her hacked emails helped cost her the election.

And I can assure you, hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t let me know they mistrust or even hate the media, to the point where some GOP strategists say they intend to try to run against the press in next year’s congressional elections.

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by claiming the news media are flawless, free of political or social bias. But before you swallow the fake medicine of media-bashing, stop and think– where would you be without the news media?

Consider what Vice President Spiro Agnew said during a famous 1969 speech indicting media bias.

agnew Keller @ Large: Consider Where Youd Be Without The Media

Spiro Agnew gives a speech in 1969 on media bias. (WBZ-TV)

“It must be recognized that the networks have made important contributions to the national knowledge, thru news, documentaries and specials, they have often used their power constructively and creatively to awaken the public conscience to critical problems,” Agnew said.

If you really trust on-the-make pols to give you the straight story all the time, good luck to you. If not, keep in mind why the founding fathers believed the media’s role was so important it deserved constitutional protection.

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  1. It’s the job of the media to call out public officials and make sure the public knows what they are up to. But it just as important to call out the media on its faults. Maybe you take your job seriously, but there have been countless examples of media bias(on both sides) especially in this internet age, where anyone with a laptop and $8 a month can put up a “news” website and rant about whatever they want.

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