CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Harvard has reportedly revoked the admissions of at least ten incoming students because of some obscene messages sent on Facebook.

According to the Harvard Crimson, the prospective freshmen were part of a private Facebook group that shared sexually explicit memes and messages, some of which targeted minority groups.

One reportedly went as far as joking about child abuse and the Holocaust.


harvard1 Harvard Pulls 10 Acceptances Because Of Obscene Online Posts, Report Says

(Photo by Glen Cooper/Getty Images)

Mittcom Social Media Expert Ed Gazarian explained, “what might have been private in the past, is now out there for everybody to see and hear.”

Digital platforms for all potential employees and students are searched, said Gazarian.

“[Harvard] is a private institution that has made its brand on discretion on who it admits, the same way that most employers have a lot of discretion on who they bring into their organizations,” Gazarian continued.

“The school’s 100 percent right in what they’ve done.”

Harvard Graduate Justin Sanchez agreed and said that what happened should serve as a warning for future applicants.

“I kind of wanted to give the students the benefit of the doubt and say ‘this sort of thing happens all the time’ but it seems like Harvard made the right move,” Sanchez said.

“We do not comment publicly on the admissions status of individual applicants,” a Harvard spokesperson told WBZ-TV in a statement.

According to the Crimson, nearly 40,000 students applied for admission to Harvard this year. Only 2,056 – 5.2 percent – were admitted.

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