WALTHAM (CBS) — If you think every steakhouse offers the same standard experience, then you simply haven’t been to Flank.

flank1 Phantom Gourmet: Flank In Waltham


Located in Waltham, Flank is turning the tradional steakhouse on its head–because Chef Jordan Mackey is putting his own new spin on a hundred-year-old tradition known as the “beefsteak dinner.”

“We thought it would be really unique and different from a steakhouse approach to really dig back into the past,” Mackey says. “And that’s what really gave birth to Flank restaurant and its concept.”

flank2 Phantom Gourmet: Flank In Waltham


So here, the beefsteak dinner is reborn as a multi-course, family-style feast, highlighted by huge platters of sliced steak that customers are encouraged to eat with their hands.

A century ago, this affair was only for men–but of course these days, everyone is invited, and knives and forks are available.

flank3 Phantom Gourmet: Flank In Waltham


But according to radio morning man and managing partner Greg Hill, they’re certainly not required.

“I think it’s a brave soul who goes without utensils and we’ve had a lot of guests so far who have chosen to go without utensils and everybody has a great time,” says Hill.

flank4 Phantom Gourmet: Flank In Waltham


For the more mannered, or less hungry, there are plenty of dishes that can be ordered a la carte.

And it’s all served in a dining room that is simply stunning, with white tablecloths, warm colors, an eye-catching bar with a big Waltham clock, and an enormous mural created by a local artist primarily using spraypaint–all of which reminds you that a meal at Flank is anything but ordinary.

flank5 Phantom Gourmet: Flank In Waltham


“It’s everything that surrounds the steak experience–from the theme, the ambiance, the service, the rest of the menu and how it accents the steaks–that’s really what sets it apart,” says Mackey.

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