BROCKTON (CBS) – There was violence in a Brockton neighborhood where a shooting took place while members of a church rallied for peace.

The carefree sounds of an ice cream truck on Grand Street in Brockton can be deceiving. Only hours earlier, this neighborhood was apparently the scene of gunfire.

Apostolic Church of God Deacon James Jones says when he arrived at his church, he was greeted by police.

“The officers were here and I said what happened and they said there had been a shooting,” Jones said.

The Deacon of this church says a church group was having a peace march right about the same time as the bullets were flying. The Deacon says no one at his church was hit.

“When I came here earlier someone had said there had been a shooting when I arrived here at the church the officers were already in the building upstairs in our balcony,” Jones said. “That’s where our security cameras are located.”

“So they were reviewing the footage?”

“Yes they were reviewing the footage,” Jones said.

The Brockton Enterprise reports that a victim was transported by a civilian to a nearby hospital with gunshot wounds. It’s not known how bad the wounds are.

Jones said things like this are going to  happen.

“It happens a lot, and if it doesn’t happen here in our neighborhood, it’s usually another neighborhood of Brockton,” Jones said.

“So its always near us,” he said.

“But during a peace event it’s sad?”

“Yes but for a peace event yes very sad,” Jones said.

The incident is still under investigation.


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