BOSTON (CBS) – There’s was a lot of emotion at Logan Airport Saturday night after Bostonians returning from London learned of the attacks.

“It’s so great to see that face,” Andrea Fein told her daughter as soon as she saw her come out of the gate.  Julia Fein was studying abroad in London and now she was shaken by the news of the attacks.

“It’s just awful. I mean immediately I thought of my friends who are still there,” Julia said. “A lot of them are out in London and can’t get home right now.”

Stacey Andrade is just back from London visiting her daughter who is a Suffolk University student studying in the UK.

“We were just there yesterday and the bridge is right near where her dorm was. She says there were students who heard the shots,” Andrade said. “The dorm went on lockdown and some of the students couldn’t get back into the dorm. It was chaotic; but she’s safe, thank God.”

Many of the passengers found out about the attacks as they landed in Boston.

Spencer Chamas says many of the passengers found out by social media.

“Just as everybody landed, everyone was hit by mass texts from family and friends making sure that everyone was all right,” Chamas said. “You know it was quite shocking.”

“I couldn’t be happier to be back in the U.S.” Chamas added.

The joyful arrivals at Logan are tempered by fears about where we go from here.

“I’m really happy to have Julia home, but at the same time I’m so heartbroken about what’s happening in London and everywhere it seems,” Andrea said.

There was no obvious increase in security at Logan.

However, the Massachusetts State Police say the Boston Fusion Center is monitoring the situation and staying in contact with the Department of Homeland Security.


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