By Mike LaCrosse, WBZ-TV

ROCKPORT (CBS) – Six families in Rockport are making room on the mantel this weekend for not one, but two new high school diplomas.

“There’s something in the water. That’s the joke,” said parent Erin Welcome.

Twelve of the 81 graduating seniors of Rockport High School’s Class of 2017 are twins.

“We didn’t think it was that weird until we got to high school,” said graduate Sophie Trumbour.

twins2 6 Sets Of Twins Graduate From Rockport High School

Kiva and Sophie Trumbour (WBZ-TV)

The six sets of twins are all fraternal, but a mix of combinations.

“We’re the only set of two girls so we’re like best friends. We’ve been best friends our whole life so,” said Trumbour.

A majority of the twins have known each other since kindergarten.

“Ya secret club. Twin club. You have to be a twin to enter,” said Sean and Anna Cloherty.

“All of the older twins, we’re like ‘yeah we’re older ones,'” said Sophie Trumbour. “And the younger twins are the cooler ones,” said Kiva Trumbour.

twins3 6 Sets Of Twins Graduate From Rockport High School

Jack and Emma Rukeyser (WBZ-TV)

Some of the twins often help each other through the struggles of sharing the spotlight.

“Be yourself, don’t have people tell you ‘why aren’t you like your twin. I thought you guys would be more alike.’ Be yourself,” said Curtis Welcome.

Most of the twins say they’re grateful they’ve had a built-in best friend by their side.

“This is like the biggest moment we’ve experienced so far especially doing it together is great,” said Emma Rukeyser.

All 12 graduates will be separating from their twins and attending different colleges in the fall.


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