LOWELL (CBS) – Investigators with the Middlesex District Attorney’s office are working to piece together the moments before a woman was hit and killed crossing the street in Lowell.

It happened just before five o’clock Wednesday evening near the intersection of Bridge and French Streets.

Witnesses heard the screech of a tractor trailer’s brakes – followed by people yelling. Police say the driver of that truck stayed at the scene.

Business owners in the area recognized the victim from the neighborhood; even without knowing her personally, they felt grief for her family.

“Nobody wants to see that. It’s terrible,” said witness Juan Delacruz. “When you see people, a human. A body on the ground. When I see that I ran away, I don’t want to see that. I imagine how the people feel. The family.”

The truck driver has not been charged. The victim’s age and name have not been released yet as investigators notify her family.


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