HAMPSTEAD, N.H. (CBS) – Police in New Hampshire are reminding people in their state that they can’t legally possess recreational marijuana, no matter where they plan to smoke it.

The Hampstead Police Department posted Selket Taylor’s expressive mug shot to Facebook on Monday. They said the 27-year-old from Danville was stopped for using his cell phone while driving, and an officer noticed a bag of marijuana in his cup holder.

“As a Public Service Announcement – It is illegal to possess recreational marijuana in New Hampshire, even if you only ‘smoke it in Massachusetts,’” police wrote.

Taylor can be seen sticking out his tongue in the defiant mug shot. He’s charged with possession of a controlled drug, transporting a controlled drug in a motor vehicle, and use of electronic mobile device while driving.

Massachusetts voted passed a law legalizing recreational marijuana use in 2016.

  1. Tom Ronson says:

    A good idea might be to keep this frigin nutcase locked up in NH and keep him away from Mass. Mass already has too many of these idiots running loose in the cities.

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