DANVILLE, N.H. (CBS) – Police in a small New Hampshire town are asking the public to help them figure out who is behind the recent vandalism of American flags.

Danville police shared photos on Facebook Tuesday of flags that have been torn to pieces. They said the vandalism is happening in the Colby Pond area under the cover of darkness.

People commenting on the department’s post were outraged.

One of the targeted flags had a blue line through the middle, a show of support for police, before it was torn up.

Wade Parsons has been police chief in Danville for years but he’s never seen anything quite like the rash of vandalism.

“It’s very sad it hurts deep,” said Chief Parsons. “There’s about ten that have been damaged in total.”

Joyce Gonthier is one of the victims. She’s proudly flying a flag now, but another one was vandalized about a month ago.

parsons American Flags Torn Up In New Hampshire Town

Danville, NH Police Chief Wade Parsons holds vandalized flags (WBZ-TV)

“And there was the flag on the ground,” Gonthier said. “So I went out and picked it up and it was cut on both ends.”

Then she got a replacement and that one was trashed too just like many others in town

“I went outside and it was slit right up the blue line and both ends were cut,” Gonthier said.

flag blue line1 American Flags Torn Up In New Hampshire Town

One of the vandalized flags. (Photo credit: Danville police)

Danville had a population of 4,387, according to the most recent census in 2010.

Anyone who may have seen something suspicious or knows anything about the vandalism is asked to contact police.

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