NEW YORK (CBS) – How much teens and parents spend on prom has a lot to do with where they live, according to a new survey.

Yahoo’s 2017 prom survey found that the prom price tag is highest in the northeast, where total spending is just about $700. Elsewhere in the country, the average is a little over $600.

The factors behind the northeast’s higher cost include prom tickets that can be three times as expensive as they are in the Midwest, plus a desire to be trendy.

prom generic Survey: Northeast Teens, Parents Spend The Most On Prom

(Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

“The East Coast is usually more trend-focused,” prom dress marketer Devin VanderMaas told Yahoo Style. “They are looking for something edgy and sophisticated.”

Social media’s influence can drive up the cost, too. Experts told Yahoo that teens feel pressure to compare themselves to each other on Instagram.

Yahoo also says teens’ parents in the northeast “overwhelmingly” pay more for rides and the after-party.

When it comes to the fashion, the most popular kind of prom dress is the “column dress,” according to Yahoo.


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