IPSWICH (CBS) – Residents in Ipswich are being warned to “be vigilant” after a fox that attacked three people tested positive for rabies.

The three residents were bitten Saturday, shortly before a resident killed the fox when he found it attacking one of his chickens.

Test results showed Tuesday the fox was rabid.

All three people who were bitten were notified and are now receiving treatment.

fox2 Ipswich Police Warn Of Rabid Foxes After Three Residents Attacked

Ipswich Animal Control Officer Megan Boissonneau. (WBZ-TV)

Police killed a second fox that was acting aggressively on Monday.

“We are taking these cases very seriously, and awareness is our best weapon in this situation,” said acting Chief Jonathan Hubbard. “Please heed these warnings and seek medical attention if you have come into contact with a fox recently or if you are bitten by a fox or other wild animal.”

Bob Nakashian was the third person bitten by the fox. He was in his yard when he spotted the creature.

“He was 100 feet away, saw me watching him, and started running toward me. I decided it would be a good idea to get out here,” said Nakashian.

fox1 Ipswich Police Warn Of Rabid Foxes After Three Residents Attacked

Bob Nakashian shows where he was bitten by a fox. (WBZ-TV)

But it was at that point the fox latched onto his pant leg. The fox chewed on his jeans, leaving a gash on Nakashian’s ankle.

The fox the took off to a neighbor’s chicken coop, and was killed a short time later.

Nakashian had to receive seven rabies shots as a result of the attack.

Police also noted that seeing a fox outside during the day does not necessarily indicate that the animal has rabies.

“Seeing a fox during the daytime is not necessarily indicative of disease,” said Animal Control Officer Megan Boissonneau. “But if it’s acting different like spinning in circles, foaming at the mouth, appears mangy or injured, it’s definitely a reason to call the police non-emergency line.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports


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