BOSTON (CBS) — Prosecutors say a man already facing a 45-count indictment for allegedly using romantic relationships to con women out of hundreds thousands of dollars scammed two more women while he was out on bail.

Michael Shields, Jr., 26, of New Hampshire, was charged last October with credit card fraud, larceny, witness intimidation, and more.

scammer DA: Accused Romantic Scammer Conned More Women While Out On Bail

Michael Shields in court Wednesday. (WBZ-TV)

He’s accused of using social media to meet and then rip off at least five women, using their personal info to open at least 12 fraudulent credit cards and spending $375,000  on purchases in Miami, Boston, Las Vegas, and other places.

He was released on $7,500 bail then–but Wednesday afternoon, Shields was handcuffed and detained in Suffolk Superior Court after prosecutors said he violated the conditions of that release.

Prosecutors claim two women–one from Alabama, one from Oklahoma–say Shields opened lines of credit in their names, then used those cards to make purchases at designer shops and fancy hotels.

The women said Shields told them he went to Harvard and Cornell Universities, ran a staffing and recruiting business called Shields Global out of North Carolina, and knew famous businessman Mark Cuban. They said he got their info after telling them they could go into business together.

Last year, he was also accused of opening a credit card in the name of a military veteran friend, and scamming another man out of $12,500 through a fake investment scheme.

Prosecutors wanted Shields’ bail revoked entirely, but Judge Beverly Cannone instead raised his bail to $10,000 and ordered him to wear a GPS tracking monitor, stay in Massachusetts, and refrain from opening any credit cards while his case is pending.

No charges related to these two new allegations have been filed against Shields.

He is due back in court July 31.


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