BOSTON (CBS) — Giselse Bundchen is understandably concerned about Tom Brady’s short-term and long-term health regarding concussions. But do the Patriots share those concerns?

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Adam Jones and Nick Cattles discussed the story on Thursday’s program, delving into Brady’s apparent history of unreported and undiagnosed concussions. How could Brady’s head injuries have gone unnoticed?

Jones believes it’s simply a case of Brady refusing to show any signs that he would need to be taken off the field – and that the revelation doesn’t necessarily change his perception of how the Patriots are handling their quarterback situation between Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo.

“We know how Brady is going to do with [concussions],” said Jones. “If he [had concussions in the Super Bowl] and that’s how he played? My goodness! It’s not my life. If Tom Brady wants to go out there and play through concussions, and pay for it down the line, that’s morbid but that is Tom Brady’s choice.”

Jones believes that Brady’s apparent ability to keep playing at a high level through head injuries is why the Patriots should have cashed in on Garoppolo and moved forward with Brady for the rest of his career.

“If this is what Brady’s going to do, like he’s done with pretty much every injury except for tearing his ACL … and he’s still going to do it at a high level? Then I don’t see the need to keep Garoppolo around,” said Jones. “As long as [Brady] plays at a high level, that’s why I want him not only as the starting quarterback but that’s why I’m comfortable moving on from the guy behind him, concussions or no.”

Listen to the full podcast below:


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