By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Spring is here, finally, or maybe it’s summer, it’s hard to tell.

But without a doubt, peak driving season is upon us.

Everybody is on the road trying to get somewhere, and it will go a lot more smoothly for all of us if we would just agree to follow a simple rule – if you have gas, step on it!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as ballistic over people speeding as I’ve always been. Speeding, tailgating, no signaling, no yielding, you know the familiar litany of complaints.

But a new one is coming up strong on the rail – drivers who don’t drive fast enough, or in some cases, drive at all.

It’s not so much the ones that go under the speed limit on a road with no passing lane.

It’s the following types that drive me nuts:

• People who wait until they’re on the road to try to figure out where they’re going. If you don’t have GPS in your car or on your phone, please, check a map before you leave. What’s that you’re asking? Oh, it’s a document picturing the roads and streets on your route, complete with names.

• Another big annoyance: people who can’t take a timely turn. I get it, you want to be careful. But there is no reason to slow to an utter crawl when there is nothing in your way.

• And have you experienced the phenomenon of drivers who stop dead in the middle of the street, not pulled to the curb but right there in the travel lanes, in order to – do what, I can’t imagine. Fumble with their phones? Readjust the seat belt? Search in the glovebox for their brains?

Please, folks, keep moving.

And maybe we’ll all get where we’re going before summer is over.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

  1. Jon is in his motorist vigilante mode again.

    After having spent years on the road driving all over the nation some 200+ days of the year, we came to the conclusion that it isn’t worth the effort to get steamed over other drivers.

    You won’t get there any faster, and your arteries won’t be subjected to astronomical levels of blood pressure.

    Chill out, Jon. Life’s too short to get upset over matters of such limited consequences to your future.

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