By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Did you see the Facebook video Tom Brady released the other day mocking the idea of superstition?

This was prompted by Brady’s selection as the poster boy for the new edition of John Madden’s football video game, an alleged honor which has a long history of winding up as a curse, with bad things happening to the player down the road.

Brady isn’t buying it.

“There’s no such thing as curses. It’s a total myth, okay?” he declares, shattering a mirror and walking under a ladder to underscore his point.

But I agree with the great Michael Hurley of, who writes: “Tom Brady is not afraid of curses…. But should he be?”

Yes, he should.

First of all, there’s considerable evidence that the Madden curse is real, as Hurley documents.

Rob Gronkowski was on the cover of last year’s Madden game, and we all know how his season turned out.

More broadly, Brady underestimates the importance of superstition in our lives.

It reassures us that we can exert some control over what happens if we repeat some behaviors and avoid others, and while wearing that lucky underwear Monday night might not really help the Celtics win, eating well and treating others with respect may well lead to better health and relationships.

And for sports fans, superstitious behaviors help promote bonding, with positive social outcomes.

So, Tom, if you’re listening, no more mirror-breaking please.

Why risk having what you think is bunk turn out to be reality?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:


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