By Mike LaCrosse, WBZ-TV

WALTHAM (CBS) – A Waltham grandmother’s twenty year tradition with her twelve grandchildren is coming to an end this month.

For the last two decades Mary LaCava has sent her grandkids, who are away at college, handwritten notes each week with a $20 bill inside.

“When the first one went I figured she could use it so I just sent her a small note with a $20 bill and that started it. To me it was just something not that I had to do, but I would never miss,” said Mary LaCava.

LaCava isn’t sure how much money she’s mailed out to her 12 grandkids, but does remember one year when multiple kids were away at school.

granny Waltham Grandmothers College Nanagram Tradition Ends After 20 Years

Mary LaCava (WBZ-TV)

“It was three and that was kind of tough that year because that was $60 a week, but as they say you start something you finish it,” said LaCava.

LaCava says some of her grandchildren saved the money up, others spent it right away.

Many of her grandkids tell WBZ-TV it was really the two to three sentence notes that made their week.

“The notes really made it because she always knows what’s going on,” said Joey LaCava.

nana Waltham Grandmothers College Nanagram Tradition Ends After 20 Years

‘Nanagrams’ sent by Mary LaCava (WBZ-TV)

“It was really nice being 18, being away from home for the first time and having a weekly hello,” said Lauren LaCava.

Over time, the notes evolved from being written on hotel pads to custom “Nanagram” stationary and found college mailrooms around New England, the country, even going overseas during semesters abroad.

“They even came when I was in London,” said Lauren LaCava.

This spring the tradition comes to an end. The 92 soon to be 93-year-old mailed out her last weekly letter to her youngest graduating grandson.

“That was Ryan. That was last month and I said goodbye that was it. Short and sweet, but he got his $20,” said Mary LaCava.

Comments (4)
  1. wonderful story and what a wonderful Nana. Those grandkids are lucky to have such a caring family member in their life. I am sure it will help model their behavior with their kids and grandkids. Simply gesture of love that ripples with the butterfly effect.

  2. Pb Brown says:

    And this is news…how?

    1. It is a ” Human Interest Story”. It shows the positive side of humanity, something we all need to see, like the baby in pink born in the ambulance. News is NOT always bad.

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