LOWELL (CBS) – The suspect wanted for allegedly murdering his ex-girlfriend in Lowell has a history of violence and targeting women. He was jailed for assaulting and kidnapping another girlfriend 13 years ago.

“He is crazy,” says retired Lowell Police Sgt. Mickey O’Keefe.

okeefe Suspect Wanted In Lowell Murder Has History Of Violence

Retired Lowell Police Sgt. Mickey O’Keefe (WBZ-TV)

He isn’t surprised Ross Elliot is wanted by police. The former officer says Elliot was always trouble.

“That kid was real bad,” O’Keefe said. “I mean a real bad kid. He wanted to kill everybody even back then.”

Back in December of 2004, Sgt. O’Keefe helped arrest Elliot.

ross crop Suspect Wanted In Lowell Murder Has History Of Violence

Ross Elliot, 51. (Lowell Police)

“That went down fast,” O’Keefe recalled.

According to court documents, Elliot had his girlfriend at the time held at knifepoint in a bedroom at 1467 Gorham Street.

“The girl we were able to save the girl at that time because she was screaming, she was screaming because he had the knife to her throat and everything at that time,” O’Keefe said.

O’Keefe says he was able to talk with Elliot and safely get near him to end the situation.

“I got close enough to him to pop him and when I did that, everything went,” O’Keefe said.

O’Keefe hopes Elliott is arrested without anybody else getting hurt.


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