BOSTON (CBS) — In a surprising twist, Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has gotten himself entangled in the New York Mets’ Matt Harvey saga.

The Mets recently suspended their troubled ace for three games, skipping his start last Sunday after he spent Friday night partying and Saturday playing golf. But the reasons for his apparent meltdown unexpectedly brought Edelman’s name into the story.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported on Tuesday night that Harvey went over the edge when he saw photos of Adriana Lima, whom he thought was his girlfriend, out with Edelman at singer Rihanna’s Met Gala after-party.

Edelman had previously dated Lima, but the pair reportedly broke up in March. But they’re apparently giving it another shot now that they were spotted being “flirty” and “having the time of their lives” at the party last Friday.

The sight of Lima back with Edelman was reportedly too much for Harvey, who believed his relationship with the Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model was more serious than it was. He spent Friday night partying to “blow off some steam” after Lima “really messed with [his] head,” according to Page Six sources.

Edelman surely wasn’t expecting to be caught in the middle of Harvey’s meltdown, but he’s apparently happy to be back with Lima after a few months apart.


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