By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – He calls himself a “poor kid from Lowell” whose friend became the President of the United States.

Corey Lewandowski is a graduate of Lowell Catholic and UMass-Lowell. He interned for a democrat in the State House and worked as an aid to Republican Congressman Peter Torkildsen.

He says the seminal moment of his life was hearing Ronald Reagan debate Jimmy Carter as a young boy – and he became a “Reagan Republican.”

He was the first campaign manager hired by Donald Trump and planned all of the campaign events for the billionaire from his announcement at Trump Tower through the following 18 months – until he was fired and replaced with the better known Washington D.C. insider Paul Manafort.

Corey Lewandowski sat down for an exclusive interview with WBZ-TV recently at his New Hampshire home.

corey Corey Lewandowski On Trumps White House, Russia Investigation

Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski (WBZ-TV)

“Let Trump Be Trump was something I coined,” Lewandowski said. “We won 38 primaries and had more votes than any candidate in the history of the Republican Primary process.”

Despite his firing, there is no bitterness and he remains a top adviser to the president.

“There I sat – a kid from Lowell, Massachusetts – across the Resolute Desk, the President of the United States and I, just having a conversation,” he says. “It was pretty amazing.”

The graduate of Lowell schools and UMass Lowell has a Trump-filled office of mementos at his family’s New Hampshire home.

Ebben: “So, 100 days in, how is he doing?”

Lewandowski: “I think he’s following through on his campaign promises.”

Ebben: “You love the guy.”

Lewandowski: “I do!”

Ebben: “But when you read some of the tweets, and you hear some of the things he says just off the cuff, do you ever cringe?”

Lewandowski: “Look most politicians are full of crap OK? They’ll tell you what you want to hear they’ll say it in such a way that makes you sound really smart – he’s authentic.”

Ebben: “When he calls Senator Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ – do you think that’s helpful?”

Lewandowski: “I don’t know if it’s helpful.”

Ebben: “Candidate Trump – that’s one thing – but now that he’s the president?”

Lewandowski: “You may not always agree with him but you know where he stands and I think there’s something to be said for that.”

Lewandowski himself is frank and forthcoming on Trump family members working in the West Wing.

“Ivanka and Jared bring a business perspective but more importantly one agenda – the President’s agenda,” Lewandowski said. “And when you have these people who have the ability to put a fresh set of eyes on how the government operates you will see change.”

On charges of any Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

“If they did, they should be held accountable to the highest extent of the law, if that’s Paul Manafort, or Rick Gates, or Roger Stone, or Carter Page or anybody else, who is under this cloud, they should absolutely be held accountable, they should be in jail, they should be in jail for the rest of their lives,” Lewandowski said.

“I sat next to Donald Trump for 18 months and 18 hours a day never, ever, ever, ever did he direct me or anybody else ever to have any communication with any foreign agency whatsoever – it never happened,” Lewandowski said.

Lewandowski quit his D.C. consulting business last week after accusations the firm was pitching his relationship with the president.

“I found out about it, I made a swift and decisive decision to say I can’t be a part of this,” Lewandowski said.

Is there a chance he will go work in the Trump administration?

“Someday – maybe – maybe not,” he said. “Being in the private sector’s not so bad.”


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