By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – As you might imagine, I get a lot of email.

And along with the mail from the smart, engaged audience that makes working in Boston such a pleasure, there are a few clunkers, none more so than the dim bulbs who’ve decided to go ballistic about a commentary based on a short promo they saw or heard.

In other words, before they’ve even listened to what you’re saying.

These are the emails the delete key was made for, but one on Monday caught my eye, in response to a tease for a straightforward TV report on the emerging battle over Trumpcare.

Yes, when time constraints force me to use shorthand for the Republican health care reform bill formally entitled the “American Health Care Act,” I am going to be calling it Trumpcare, after the president who is arguably the most prominent advocate for it.

Somehow I doubt that the brave, anonymous creature who trashed me for calling it that ever had any qualms about calling the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “Obamacare.”

Nor did I, just as I referred to the 2006 Act Providing Access to Affordable, Quality, Accountable Health Care as “Romneycare” after its foremost political sponsor.

To my knowledge, Gov. Mitt Romney never objected to the name “Romneycare.” President Obama openly embraced the name “Obamacare.”

Interestingly, the White House has asked that the current bill not be called “Trumpcare,” although the president himself has been silent on the matter.


Maybe I should do a search on exactly where that nasty email I got came from.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

  1. Dan Patric says:

    Mark it down, this is the VERY first time I have EVER agreed with John Keller.

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