SALEM (CBS) — Two New Hampshire men have been arrested for vandalism after they called police to complain that cars were illegally parked outside the business they were working at.

Yogesh Patal, owner of M&N Borderline Discount Store, called police around 8:45 p.m. on Friday to report that multiple cars were parked in his parking lot and not using his business.

When police arrived, they found ten vehicles had at least one tire deflated through an act of vandalism.

According to officials, an investigation revealed Patel had called police, and then joined another employee, Deepakkumar Patel, to go around the parking lot and drill holes in over 20 tires.

Surveillance video and the drill that was used to create the holes were both recovered as evidence.

The two men were arrested and charged with falsifying physical evidence and conspiracy to commit criminal mischief in excess of $1,500, police said.

“We educate businesses on how to handle these type of complaints, this is completely criminal,” explained Sgt. Jason Smith, with the Salem Police Department. “It’s not even a proportionate response to what occurred.”

They were released on $5,000 cash bail and are scheduled to be arraigned on June 28.


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