By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Much like the Wizard of Oz, the man behind Tom Brady has been shrouded in mystery for some time. Men’s Journal set out to uncover some of the secrets of Alex Guerrero, the trainer Tom Brady credits with keeping him able to perform at the highest level even as he approaches the age of 40.

The article, titled “The Secrets of Tom Brady’s Personal Trainer,” was written by Mike Chambers, who visited Guerrero at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center for treatment after undergoing surgery to repair a fractured heel bone.

Among the noteworthy methods of recovery Guerrero used for Chambers were:

–An antigravity treadmill, used to retrain the brain to consider the heel a working part of the body.

–A strict diet that includes the infamous ban on nightshades, or as Chambers describes it, the “inflammation-causing axis of evil: peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes.” It also includes a ban on coffee, white flour, sugar, dairy and salt.

–The burning of “a moxa stick — a traditional Chinese therapy consisting of dried mugwort that supposedly promotes healing by invigorating the flow of Qi, the Chinese life force.”

A world-famous supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, burning through a set of intense situps. It may not have helped Chambers recover faster, but it’s likely a detail that’s going to make some folks more willing to shell out the $200 it costs to visit Guerrero.

–The use of resistance bans and a stress on increasing pliability in muscles.

–The practice of meditation. “I know that to really speed up, as Guerrero often explained to me, I have to slow down,” Chambers described.

–Catchy names of workout rooms. The rooms at the TB12 center include the “We Got This Room,” the “Grit Room,” the “Determination Room” and the “Perseverance Room.”

To those who are familiar with Brady’s health and fitness regimen(and at this point, who isn’t?), some of this information is redundant. But it is interesting that Chambers claims to have undergone a rapid recovery from his injury, one that left his doctor stunned at the results. His doctor had warned him that he’d never regain his level of athleticism and that he should not put weight on his foot for at least three months. Working with Guerrero, Chambers said he was ice climbing in New Hampshire just 10 weeks after his injury.

Considering most of the press clippings on Guerrero have surrounded his questionable past and have questioned the relationship between Brady’s trainer and the team, Chambers’ story at the very least provided some insight into what actually goes inside the walls of the TB12 Sports Therapy Center.


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