BOSTON (CBS) — The pay-by-plate grace period for the new E-ZPass system in Massachusetts ends Monday.

That grace period allowed those without an E-ZPass transponder in their vehicle to get a credit with the discounted rate after paying their bill and signing up for an E-ZPass.

It was instituted at the request of the public comment period leading up to the change to all-electronic tolling, which started in October.

But starting Monday, anyone without a transponder will pay the full price for driving through a toll without one.

The grace period will continue to be available to new customers–like the state’s massive student population, or anyone who recently moved to Massachusetts.

MassDOT said they had converted over 16,000 accounts from the pay-by-plate system to the E-ZPass system, helping them surpass their goal of having 85 percent of vehicles travelling on the pike use E-ZPass.


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