BILLERICA (CBS) – The driver of the Jeep that crashed into a building, killing three people and injuring nine others in Billerica Wednesday, is expressing his grief.

The 76-year-old driver who doesn’t want his identify known said he feels very badly about what happened at the Lynnway Auto Auction and regrets that anyone was harmed.

“I am a thousand percent sorry that anyone got hurt, and those who got worse than hurt. I am apologizing and I feel bad about it,” the man said. “I wish I could have changed it and how it happened.”

Although he feels bad, he says he believes that mechanical failure in his Jeep Grand Cherokee contributed to the incident.

“All of a sudden the car by itself, it took off and somehow it accelerated. I don’t know if it was the transmission when I put it into drive,” he said, “Or whether it was some sensor under the hood that electronically makes the car go faster or slower.”

“It accelerated all by itself,” he said a second time.

jeep crash Billerica Crash Driver Speaks Out

The crash site at the Billerica auto auction. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

The man has injuries to his hand and foot.

Police now say the driver had a suspended license and his driving record also shows a long history of violations.

The driver says he didn’t know his license was suspended, “Honestly I don’t look at it every day to see when I have to renew it.”

The people who run the auto auction are upset and said when they hired him in 2010 he had a valid license.

The company adds that they require employees to notify them if there’s any change to the status of their licenses.

The police are continuing their investigation.

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