By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) — Lowell native Corey Lewandowski, who helped the president get elected, announced Thursday that he has quit his own political strategic consulting firm.

Lewandowski was President Trump’s original campaign manager. After Trump was elected, he started a consulting firm, Avenue Strategies, in Washington D.C.

Though he never registered as a lobbyist, some of his partners had. Now, Lewandowski has found that many news organizations reported that Avenue Strategies had promised potential clients that Lewandowski would lobby on their behalf within the Trump Administration.

“What I found out in the fake news was that somebody was using my name overseas to say we had a relationship, a partnership –but I had no idea.  I had never met these people.  I never communicated with these people that’s just not how I do business,” he said.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben spoke exclusively with Lewandowski in his New Hampshire home about everything from the Russian investigation to Ivanka Trump.

“Anybody who’s using my name without my permission I can’t be associated with it,” Lewandowski continued.

What’s next for Lewandowski? Watch Paula Ebben’s full interview with Corey Lewandoski next week.  


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