WILMINGTON (CBS) – A 13-year-old Wilmington student has been charged with threatening a classmate and possessing a homemade explosive device.

Wilmington Middle School officials began investigating threatening messages against a male student made over social media.

The school reported the threats to Wilmington Police, who began their own investigation.

As a result, officers searched the boy’s home and found what appeared to be a homemade explosive device. Gun powder and other materials used to make the device were also found.

“Everything he used to do this was perfectly legal. He had a lot of component parts, all of which are able to be purchased. He was able to put them together in a combination that resulted in an explosive device,” Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said.

Police searching Wilmington Middle School as a precaution, but did not find any additional devices.

The 13-year-old is charged with three counts of possession of an explosive device, possession of a counterfeit note and threatening to commit a crime.

He will be arraigned in Lowell Juvenile Court.

Interim superintendent of schools Paul Ruggiero said the investigation is ongoing into the incident.

“The Wilmington Public Schools considers the safety of our students and staff as its highest priority,” said Ruggiero. “The Wilmington Public Schools is cooperating with the Wilmington Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office regarding this investigation.”


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