BILLERICA (CBS) – The president of Lynnway Auto Auction in Billerica said the facility will install barriers to keep vehicles in their intended lane to prevent an incident similar to the one that killed three people on Wednesday.

Lynnway Auto Auction president Jim Lamb issued a statement Thursday afternoon as the investigation continues into what caused a Jeep to speed through the crowded car auction.

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In addition to the three deaths, nine people were also injured.

“Everyone at Lynnway Auto Auction continues to be shocked and saddened at yesterday’s events. We will continue to hold the victims and their families in our prayers,” said Lamb.

billerica Billerica Auction Facility Will Install Safety Barriers After Fatal Crash

The area damaged during a fatal crash inside Lynnway Auto Auction was boarded up. (WBZ-TV)

Lamb said a portion of proceeds from Wednesday’s auction and next week’s proceedings will benefit families impacted by the incident.

Beginning next Wednesday, Lynnway Auto Auction will increase the number of first responders on scene.

Bollards will be put in place to help stop vehicles from veering out of their lanes.

“Sturdy, vertical posts, bollards are frequently used on highways to control road traffic and will provide additional protection for our patrons and everyone working at the auction,” said Lamb, who praised the rapid response from first responders following the fatal crash.

Attorney Stephen D’Angelo represented a client who was run over at the facility several years ago. He says the cars are neither inspected, nor road safe and drivers are not sufficiently trained.

“It should be on the mind of the people who own this business to make sure that the customer is there in a safe way and not in danger of being hit by some vehicle that goes out of control,” D’Angelo said.


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