BOSTON (CBS) — The bad blood between the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles didn’t quite spill over to Monday night like expected, but that doesn’t mean that potential issues couldn’t arise again.

Orioles general manager and former Red Sox GM Dan Duquette addressed the recent “headhunting” incident involving Manny Machado and Matt Barnes when he joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The Baseball Reporters on Monday night before the Red Sox and Orioles kicked off a four-game series at Fenway Park. Duquette believed the league took care of the previous incident at Camden Yards by suspending Barnes four games for throwing a fastball behind Machado’s head.

Duquette made it clear that throwing at or near a batter’s head is “never acceptable,” but expected the two teams to just “play ball” without any further residual effects from the prior incidents.

As far as Barnes’ pitch behind the head of Machado, Duquette held the pitcher responsible for making the pitch in the first place. But he tacitly held Red Sox manager John Farrell accountable for failing to keep Barnes and others under control.

“Well, the pitcher threw the ball … but the manager needs to be in charge of his ball club,” said Duquette.

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The Orioles went on to win the first game of the series 5-2 on Monday night. Machado homered and drove in two runs in the victory. Orioles starter Dylan Bundy raised some eyebrows in the sixth inning when he hit Mookie Betts with a pitch, but manager Buck Showalter told ESPN’s Scott Lauber that “Nobody’s trying to hit anybody.” Bundy himself said simply “Yep” when asked if the pitch that hit Betts was unintentional.

Duquette is certainly hoping that the two teams won’t let anything else escalate in the remaining three games of the series. But his remarks about Farrell were nonetheless striking.

Listen to the full interview below:

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  1. Bezz Mikheil says:

    and you said that right after Betts got hit by a pitch?? get a life GM

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