BOSTON (CBS) – It’s not uncommon to see marriage proposals at sporting events, but they usually don’t end this awkwardly.

Twitter lit up during Sunday night’s Red Sox – Cubs game at Fenway Park when a fan popped the question. . . only to have it go horribly wrong.

Those at the ballpark report that cameras cut away from the couple on the big video board when things started to go south.

Video of the failed proposal hasn’t surfaced yet, but one person at the game claimed to have seen the couple arguing after the incident.

While some are obviously sympathetic toward the rejected boyfriend, others are hoping this unfortunate ending could help bring a stop to such public proposals.


Comments (23)
  1. Well that had to be a wee bit embarrassing. :-)

  2. Tom Giles
    Finally. Someone said no to a proposal on the Jumbotron at fenway. Love it.

    Would you “love it” if the person you were crazy about said “no to YOUR “proposal at fenway”? or anywhere else for that matter? would you “love it” if others saw it and got on social media to say how they “loved” the fact that you got turnded down”? I’m thinking yes. Grow a heart and try to think of something besides YOUR opinion. I have no doubt that guy is very hurt and angry. Was is timing off? yeah probably but he doesn’t deserve to be hurt like that and apparently, you’re GLAD it happened. Just remember,what goes around comes around,

    1. Richard Self says:

      @Johnnie: I personally always felt bad for the person being proposed to in such a public way. Marr8age proposals ought to be a private moment between two people; not an event shared with 75,000 or so. Also the pressure to say “Yes” is incredible. This woman showed some spine in not giving in to the nonsense her “love” forced upon her. I hope they split and she gets away from this apparent egomaniac.

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