LOWELL (CBS) — The parents accused of kidnapping their two-year-old baby from NH state custody last Friday are each being held on $15,000 cash bail.

Erika Wallace and her husband Joshua Wallace both had not guilty pleas entered by their attorneys on Monday.

Prosecutors said the couple, and Erika’s sister Nicolette Russell, took the two-year-old boy from the Mall of New Hampshire last week during a state supervised visit.

erikawallacejoshuawallacenicoletterussell NH Parents Plead Not Guilty To Kidnapping Son From State Custody

Erika Wallace, Joshua Wallace and Nicolette Russell. (Image Credit: Tewksbury Police)

The DCYF worker who was supposed to be monitoring the visit told supervisors that she was on the phone with another client and when she looked up, Erika and the baby were gone.

Joshua Wallace and Nicolette Russell were in the car outside waiting, officials said.

Both Joshua Wallace and Russell told police they were told by Erika Wallace that she had permission to take the baby.

wallace NH Parents Plead Not Guilty To Kidnapping Son From State Custody

Joshua and Erika Wallace (Image from Manchester Police)


Joshua Wallace said when he learned the truth, he urged his wife to go back.

Prosecutors in court said they do not believe Wallace. Instead, prosecutors said all three knew of the plot and supported it because they did not think that the child should be in state custody.

According to officials, suitcases filled with stolen clothing and stolen diapers were also found in the car.

The three were arrested in Tewksbury Mass after an Amber Alert went out.

Russell was released with no bail.



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