BOSTON (CBS) — Sen. Ed Markey said President Donald Trump’s warnings of “major, major action” against North Korea add up to a dangerous situation for the US and the world, and called for caution in dealing with the dictatorship.

“President Trump is gambling with possible nuclear war when he doubles down on threats of a major, major conflict with North Korea,” Sen. Markey said, speaking at the JFK Federal Building in Boston Sunday morning. “We don’t need tough talk from President Trump. We need tough diplomacy.”

Markey said twice that there is no military solution with Pyongyang, only a diplomatic one.

He also commented on the administration so far, saying Trump misunderstands the Oval Office.

“The president’s first 100 days have been a failure,” Markey said. “As long as he continues to operate as though that contitutional restraint does not exist, then his presidency is going to be a failure.”

Markey said the failures will continue until Trump “learns to negotiate with democrats.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karyn Regal reports

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  1. What partisan drivel. Tough diplomacy has what has allowed Kim to develop the nuclear program to where it is now, And North Korea unchecked under Kim’s leadership will soon put all of Asia and eventually Hawaii and the West Coast under direct and likely threat. Markey should stop playing partisan politics and help reinforce the dialog that has gotten China and now Russia to take a more proactive role. Having not voted for Trump, I do see that in these instances of dealing with demi-god dictators in North Korea, Iran and Syria, his unpredictability is an asset instead of a liability. Past Presidents have made empty threats and were seen as predictable and weak. Kim is out of control and need to be stopped.

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