GARDNER (CBS) – Two Gardner women were rescued from an overnight fire. Another woman was fortunate to be in Boston.

The house was in flames when an alert neighbor ran to the house and alerted one woman to get out. That alert neighbor was Leo Gallant.

“I ran into the house screaming, ‘Get out! Get out!’ It was a small fire, but by the time I got the first resident out of the second floor, black smoke was coming up the stairs. We thought everyone was out,” Gallant said.

Then he realized there was one more woman inside. That was when he ran back to his house only three doors down and grabbed his ladder.

He brought the ladder to the burning building and police used the ladder to rescue the second woman.

gardner fire 3 Two Rescued From Gardner Fire

Fire crews on the scene of the Gardner building fire. (Photo credit: Bryan Favreau)

Fire crews arrived, but the flames had already engulfed most of the building. Fire Lieutenant Dino Poudrette knew quick action was necessary.

“The first responding crews when they arrived on the scene saw there was heavy, heavy fire showing on all floors,” Poudrette said. “On arrival they struck a second alarm right off the bat.”

Another resident of the building, Jesslyn Frantz,  says she lost everything. However, she says she was lucky that she and her three children were staying in Boston at the time.

“I feel lucky that we weren’t even here. I can’t imagine. My kids don’t need to go through that,” Frantz said. “It’s crazy.”

The building was completely destroyed and officials say it’s amazing that no one was injured.

The cause is still under investigation.


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