BOSTON (CBS) – Aaron Hernandez’s legal team is furious with leaks to the media about his death investigation and they’re concerned about possible violations of the attorney-client privilege.

George Leontire, Jose Baez, Ronald Sullivan and Linda Kenney Baden signed a letter to the Worcester County District Attorney and the Department of Corrections Thursday demanding the leaks end.

george Aaron Hernandezs Lawyers Demand End To Media Leaks

George Leontire. (WBZ-TV)

“Not withstanding our repeated requests for your agencies to cease and desist, the dissemination of Mr. Hernandez’s personal information and writings continues to cause the family severe emotional distress during an already difficult period,” Leontire wrote.

“We ask your respective agencies, agents, and employees to cease providing Mr. Hernandez’s confidential information to the press and from leaking erroneous and harmful information. To the extent that you continue sharing such information with members of the press, we will pursue any and all remedies to protect our clients from further harm.”

The letter mentioned nearly two dozen examples of Hernandez stories in the media, including CBS Boston articles that cited WBZ-TV’s I-Team sources.

Leontire also asked the DA and DOC to turn over any “writings by Mr. Hernandez addressed to his attorneys dated prior to the date of his death.”

“The estate has not waived its privilege with respect to such communication,” Leontire wrote.

The family wants all of the “originals of such communication” be given to Hernandez’s lawyers and any copies that exist be destroyed.

There has been no comment yet from the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office or the Department of Corrections.


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