CHELSEA (CBS) – A Chelsea man was arraigned in Chelsea District Court Friday for an OUI caught on video.

Jose Valle, 56, was charged for the Wednesday incident and police say he was driving with a blood alcohol level that was 3-times the legal limit.

The car drove only a few feet from pedestrians. They are seen on camera scrambling to get out of the way.

Anibal Garcia was one of those pedestrians who experienced the near-miss. He says the driver’s speed is the only thing that surprised him.

“I am not surprised that the guy was drunk or that it happened in this area,” Garcia said. “It happens every now and then, that you see like a drunk guy or some teenagers trying to race down the street.”

Prosecutors say Valle was the operator of the PT Cruiser the video shows crossing the street at high speed and driving onto the city hall lawn. The video released by the Chelsea Police Department shows that the driver went down the lawn and backed up at high speed. The car then crossed the street and hit a light pole.

Another resident says that pedestrians need to be alert.

“People should pay attention, not just the drivers. They’re drunk; they don’t care. I’m a recovering alcoholic, I understand the consequences of what people do when they’re under the influence, they shouldn’t be driving,” the man said.

Police also say that Valle admitted to drinking six beers before getting behind the wheel.


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