CHELSEA (CBS) — A video released by the Chelsea Police Department shows a car narrowly missing pedestrians and continuing well onto the lawn of a building next to City Hall.

Police say Jose Valle, 56, of Chelsea, was the reckless driver caught on camera Wednesday.

According to police, Valle’s blue Chrysler PT Cruiser hit a parked car on Grove Street, drove down the stairs of the city’s Civil War monument, crashed into a trash barrel and park bench, drove over City Hall’s lawn, hit many potted plants, and almost hit three pedestrians.

Valle was intoxicated at the time, officials said.

Police also said that Valle did not stop after the first leg of his dangerous drive.

The video shows that the vehicle was put in reverse, hit another potted plant, and then crashed into a light pole. The car then drove to Marlborough Street and was disabled.

Vale was arrested Wednesday for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, reckless operation, leaving the scene of property damage, and a one way violation.

Upon his arrest, police say that Valle agreed to a Breathalyzer test and was found to be a .25, three times the legal limit.

Valle will be arraigned Friday morning in Chelsea District Court.


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