EPPING, N.H. (CBS) — When an object hit the windshield as a New Hampshire mother was driving with her kids in the car, she thought it was a rock. It wasn’t until later that she discovered it was a bullet.

According to officials, Kristen Burke and her two small children were headed west on Route 101 in Epping last Tuesday afternoon when the incident occurred.

“It hit the car, shattered the glass on the inside,” recalled Burke. “It scared my daughter half to death.”

nh bullet NH Car With Mom, Kids Inside Hit With Bullet On Route 101

The bullet that damaged a car windshield while it was driving down Route 101 in NH. (WBZ-TV)

The truth about the object was not discovered until a technician repairing Burke’s seat found the bullet lodged inside of it.

“I mean it’s terrifying,” Burke said, “It came from the right, and my daughter sits on that side. If I had been going a half a second faster it could’ve come in on her window.”

Fortunately, no one was injured.

nh bullet and car NH Car With Mom, Kids Inside Hit With Bullet On Route 101

Bullet hits a car while driving on Route 101 in New Hampshire. (WBZ-TV)

Burke added she was actually relieved she did not find out that they were hit by a bullet until the following day — that way she wasn’t driving in fear with her children in the backseats.

The bullet was sent to the state’s lab for testing to help find out where it came from.

Epping Police are looking for more evidence along the woods between Exits 7 and 8. They have also reached out to other agencies to see if there were any reports of shots fired.

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  1. Lori Pearce says:

    The same happened to me years ago in the same area, hit drivers door and scared me & my mother. Hunters we assumed. Very dangerous for sure.

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